FDCV Group


Founded in 2010, FDCV Group [Function . Design . Culture . Value] is an Architectural & Interior Design company established by a group of like-minded partners who shares the same core values and passion in Architecture and Design.

We provide a holistic solution to the client’s Architectural & Design needs; with our core strengths being functional design approach, through a pragmatic and systematic evaluation of a client’s brief, plus extensive collaboration with different parties and a keen eye on details. We strive to achieve a balance between all aspects of work; working creatively within the usual fundamental constraints in the industry to provide original and innovative solutions to problems.

Architecture and Master Planning

Context plays a big part in our design approach. We believe that every design, each building, on its own site is unique. There is no one size fits all in Architecture. Thus, our ethos is to always create a functional building, unique in its own right, yet respectful towards the context, be it the site and surroundings, social or cultural context.

Design aside; our firm also is well versed in the practical side of project management, with our partners having extensive experience in project managements and implementations. We take into consideration on the construction methods, costs, and time when we start on the design, allowing for a more efficient and cost-effective project.

Interior Design & Spatial Planning

Complementing our Architectural services, FDCV Group also offers our unique approach to Interior Design and Spatial Planning.

Our comprehensive approach takes into account of social, cultural and human behavioural patterns, enabling us to produce spatial qualities that are sensitive to the needs of the end users. We believe that a good design always starts with a good understanding of the usage patterns of users, and we strive to do so by being attentive and collaborative with the clients and other relevant parties.

The palette of materials, usage of colours, choice of finishes, and most importantly, the layout of the interior space plays an integral role in our design approach. We believe in keeping abreast with the latest technology and materials available on the market, allowing us to update and advise the clients on this advancement, and implementing in our design if they suit our needs.